10 natural blends that can be made at home to prevent cough

A must in winter What cough stops? What good is coughing in winter? You know that cough is one of the biggest symptoms of illness, especially flu. Coughing may also occur in case of throat swelling or tonsil swelling. However, there are many mixtures for this situation. You can make these mixes and you can obtain them from outside. We will now present you with 10 homemade blends and blend names that can be made to prevent coughing. Here are a few anti-cough mixes and names we’ve prepared for you.

1- Ginger, Honey And Lemon Mix: With this mixture you can soften your throat and expel the sputum formed easily thanks to its expectorant feature.

2- Anti-Cough Mixed with Lemon: First you can use ginger in this mixture. Because ginger can be used in almost any mixture. You can use honey, ginger and lemon. Thanks to the products used in the mixture, it can be one-to-one active substance in the way of removing cough with the special substances it will contain.

3- Garlic, Lemon Juice, Honey and Onion Mix: The richness of the products you can use for this mixture is eye-catching. You can use lemon juice, honey, onions, garlic, ginger and of course cinnamon. This type of mixture to be obtained has a great effect on a person who has fever as well as the subject of cough. Reduces fever, eliminates resentment and fatigue on the person in a short time.

4- Honey, Black Pepper and Milk Mixture: This mixture is very effective and softens the throat to eliminate the problem is one to one.

5- Linden Mixture: It is much better for you to use quince leaf with linden in this mixture. You can get rid of cough situations thanks to the mixture you will get by mixing both products at a time.

6- Effective Mixture of Olive Oil: First you can drink this mixture. But there is a better method of use. Preheat the olive oil, which already has a certain amount. Then add black pepper. Heat the pepper in it until it burns. After the final process, put the mixture on your chest in a cloth with a little cooling.

7- Starch, Lemon Juice and Orange Mixture: You can mix these 3 products and you will have a good way to get rid of cough.

8- Thyme Juice Mixture: This mixture is mostly used for babies.

9- Herbal Tea with Honey: In addition to mixtures, you can use honey-containing teas in your homes or you can produce these products with recipes.

10- Ginger Tea: This tea is directly effective in cases of cough. Its use is highly recommended.

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