5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bedtime

Behaviors and movements of people before going to bed affect people. We all want to wake up vigorous in the morning and sleep well. You know that the positive aspects of resting during the day are noticeable. But a good sleep for all of us may not be so easy. We know that you read all kinds of articles for good sleep. What about what we shouldn’t do before sleep? Before bedtime, we have listed the elements that will affect your sleep negatively. Good readings and good sleep ­čÖé

1- Night Bedtime Exercises
Before you go to bed, let me take a 10 shuttle or stop a 10 push-ups and I’m horizontal. I would like to help you with the important activities for your health and a better quality sleep !!! But the problem of bedtime exercises by raising the body temperature, delaying the time to go to sleep. So it is useful to choose the early hours of the day to exercise.

2- Take A Hot Shower
We know how hot the shower makes our sleep easier before going to bed. However, it is important to have a vigorous sleep and shower with hot water before sleep.

3- Stay connected to television and mobile phone
The screen radiating bright lights reduces the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Thus, the body’s sleep time is extended. For this reason, you should definitely turn off your TV and computers an hour before going to sleep. You will see that you wake up more vigorous in the morning.

4- Consume Too Much Liquid
Do not drink a glass of night before sleep, but do not drink 1 liter of water ÔÇŽ Too much fluid consumption will cause you to interrupt your sleep at night. In addition, drinks such as caffeine and alcohol before going to sleep may interrupt the rest of the body.

5- Discussing Bedtime
Probably we’ve all heard in don’t get angry in bed. En Apparently, that promise is completely true. Again Swiss scientists say; When you go to bed after a discussion or an event that makes you angry, it shows that their effects last until you wake up. So either leave your discussions as early as morning or try to solve that problem. Leave us in the morning ­čÖé

Good night ÔÇŽ

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