9 Methods to Relieve Your Headaches Without Drugs

Although headaches have become a common problem in daily life, they have become a part of our lives. Migraine is a major cause of headache, chronic pain and headache in your daily life is highly affected.

Sometimes you can use headaches in painkillers to make it permanent. After a while, the body gets used to painkillers, and the drugs you use as painkillers will no longer benefit. Therefore, whenever you get a headache, you can resort to natural methods instead of looking for a solution. In this article, we will talk about natural solutions that will help your headache without using medication.

1-Try to combat water with headaches!
How much water is your daily consumption is a very important issue. Sometimes you may experience headaches due to low water consumption during the day. Your water consumption during the day should be at least 2 liters. If you consume water below this value, it may be the cause of your headache. You can try to have a headache by increasing your water consumption.

2-Apple Vinegar Method
The second natural method we will offer you is the apple cider vinegar method. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of warm water. Mix well and slowly to get rid of your headache. When you consume this water on a daily basis, you can balance your body’s fluid and prevent your body from being dehydrated by meeting your daily water needs.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the natural home remedies used in the old times, not only for headache, but also as a treatment method outside the headache.

3-Lemon Juice Method
With the lemon juice method, you can provide solutions for your headaches caused by fluid loss. You can get rid of your headaches by squeezing the juice of half a lemon into 1 cup of hot water and consuming this mixture twice a day. Lemon juice not only combats headaches, but also helps to digest your body by balancing the pH level of your body. If you consume lemon juice daily, you will notice that it provides many benefits to your body.

4- Ice Bag Method
Although the ice bag method is mostly used by migraine patients, it varies according to preferences with hot water bag. In the ice bag method, you can provide a solution to your headache by applying compresses to the back of the shoulder with an ice bag.

You can use a nylon bag for cold applications, but you should use a hot water bag for hot applications.

5-Coffee And Tea Method
Coffee in the caffeine can provide a solution to your headache.Kafein headaches caused by blood vessels in your head is good. It helps to alleviate your pain by helping narrow your blood vessels.

Drinking tea will soothe your body as well as relieve your headache. If you are experiencing a headache caused by migraine, you may prefer ginger lemon tea. If you are experiencing a headache caused by cold during the winter months, you may prefer cinnamon tea and see its effects.

6-Natural Oil Methods
You can have a headache by massaging your head with mint, eucalyptus and lavender oils. With the relaxing effect of mint oil, volatile effect of eucalyptus oil to relax the veins, lavender oil and massage your head to get rid of your pain.

7-Hot Shower Method
You can provide a solution to your headaches with hot shower method. Taking a hot shower can help relieve your headache by relaxing your body. If you do not want to take a hot shower in a bowl of hot water by filling your feet in this water after a while by adding cold water to the water by warming the water and then wait for a little while wearing your socks can fall into a comfortable sleep.

8-Hiking Outdoors
You can relax yourself by walking in an environment free from stress and tension. Make sure that the environments you are in are airy. Non-air environments are one of the reasons that cause headaches. You can alleviate your pain by applying methods to relax yourself and walking in an airy environment and contribute to your body health.

9-Get rid of your headaches by massaging certain points!
Acupressure is one of the treatment methods used to relieve pain in the Far East. In this treatment method, you can get rid of your pain by applying massage to certain points of your body without using medication. This method varies according to the type of pain. Firstly, in a relaxed posture and in an airy environment, you can massage the areas below with a light and 30 seconds to one minute massage.

Yintang Point: This point is also known as the 3rd eye point. You can get rid of your eye pains by massaging with circular movements at this point where the middle point of your eyebrows and the lines perpendicular to the place on your nose line meet. Yintang spot is good for headaches and eye pains and helps you relax.

Zan Zhu Points: These points are symmetrical points located exactly where your eyebrows begin. Circular movements applied to these points without applying excessive pressure massage is good for your headaches.

Yıngxıang points: These points are located on the same line with your eyes on both sides of your nose points. You can reach these points by following the lower end of the cheekbones to find these points more easily. The massage you will apply to these points opens up your sinusitis, passes your headache at the same time and helps you to get rid of stress.

Tian Zhu Dots: Tian Zhu dots are located behind your head at the level of your ears and at the level of your spine. With these massages you can apply a solution to the headache that can get rid of the nasal congestion.

Shuaı Gu Poınts: These points are where the hair ends begin from the point in the line towards your head on your temples. When you find a pit by applying pressure to the points where your hair starts to find these points easier, you’re in the right place. The massage process you apply to these points is good for your eye pain and headaches.

He Gu Points: These points are symmetrical points between your thumb and index finger. You can provide a solution to your back pain, toothache and eye pain with the massage done here.

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