Do you know what cancer cell’s favorite food is?

White table sugar!

It is known that cancer cells are generally fed with sugar. However, scientists have discovered that refined cancer cells, which are fed by industrially produced fruit sugar, can divide and spread much faster than cancer cells that consume normal table sugar.

“Fructose metabolism and glucose metabolism have quite different effects in cancer cells.”

For this reason, please avoid eating only honey, agave syrup or natural unadulterated brown sugar, so as not to build a ground for bad cells.

What is fructose?

Refined or industrially produced fructose is found in many other ready-made food products such as bread, desserts, prepared sauces, canned food, instant soups as well as various soft drinks.

On the other hand, sugar, which is usually referred to as er syrup ında in the ingredients, is in fact mostly industrially processed corn syrup. Since fructose has a higher sweetening effect than glucose, the glucose content of the syrup produced by the food industry is enzymatically reduced, while the fructose content is increased up to 90 percent.

What is sugar?

Sugar is a food consumed both for nutritional purposes and for its pleasant taste. Sugar, which can be bought in small amounts in the old days when the purchasing power is low, is therefore considered as a luxury food product:

generally found to be unhealthy,
weight gain,
and it does not have a good reputation because of the damage to the teeth.
In fact, sugar is primarily a type of carbohydrate and therefore an important source of energy.

Chemically examined, white table sugar, glucose (dextrose) and fructose (fruit sugar) monosaccharides (simple sugar) is a pair of saccharides.

Which type of sugar is healthy?

Sugar has many negative effects on the body. It leads to fatigue, fatigue, exhaustion, depression and illnesses.

Despite all this, sugar is also a very important nutrient for the human organism. There are different types of sugar.

Refined table sugar, which we know as white granulated sugar, is harmful for us; natural sugar, which is found in fruits, vegetables or foods that have full nutritional value, is healthy and important in terms of consumption.

Sugar = Insulin

As soon as sugar and all its isolated carbohydrates (flour and starch, eg corn starch) are mixed into the blood, they cause the secretion of large amounts of insulin in our bodies.

The main task of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, is to extract the sugar from the food and circulate in the blood to provide all the cells and organs of the body with the energy they need.

When continuous sweet and sugary foods are consumed, the insulin level in the blood reaches a chronic level. Increasing insulin levels, on the other hand, facilitates the formation of inflammation in the body plays an accelerating role in the development of many chronic diseases.

On the other hand, hyperinsulinemia in the body, that is, excess insulin, leads to insulin deficiency in the brain. Insulin deficiency in the brain can lead to forgetfulness and ultimately even Alzheimer’s disease.

Does sugar cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Foods rich in sugar and carbohydrate content may pave the way for Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, Alzheimer’s disease is often referred to as a Type 3 Diabetes phenomenon.

Can sugar be seen as an alternative treatment?

For example, honey, which is considered a healthy option among alternative therapies, was used thousands of years ago for wound treatment.

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