Mars Colony of Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s plans to establish a colony on the Red Planet…

Build a Really Big Rocket First

SpaceX is currently working on the Super Heavy rocket. This rocket will be the largest rocket ever produced on Earth. This rocket has a take-off weight of 4,400 tons, a height of 106 meters and a diameter of nine meters. It will have 31 Raptor engines and can be used over and over again, so the operating cost will be extremely low. SpaceX plans to launch this rocket in early 2020.

Build a Giant Spaceship

Everything that goes into space is in the Starship at the end of the Super Heavy rocket. Passengers and the cargo they will take to Mars are transported in this section. This spaceship will have 40 rooms, common areas and decks. Since it is going to take quite a long journey, it needs to be protected from the sun storms and a range of entertainment options for people not to get bored inside. According to SpaceX, the cabin will be more pressurized than an A380 passenger plane. Passenger capacity is planned to be 100 people.

Go To Space

The compound launch system including Starship and Super Heavy will take off vertically. The 31 engines will run at the same time and raise it towards the sky. As the Earth approaches the boundary of the atmosphere, the propellant rocket will leave the main body and return to Earth. The spaceship will continue on its way to space with rockets fired by the power of fuel tanks containing 240 tons of methane and 860 tons of oxygen. The spaceship has six Raptor engines.

Complete a Long Journey

During the journey it is inevitable that the passengers ask the question medik have we not come yet? Sırasında. The journey to Mars lasts between three and six months. The solar panels opened during the journey will provide energy to the vehicle and operate the entertainment systems that are planned to prevent people from getting bored. When they approach the Red Planet, they will encounter a magnificent sight.

Landing Safely

Starship will land on Mars for vertical descent while landing on Mars. We know that in any case it will be very, very difficult to land safely on the surface. Musk aims to make this landing as easy as commercial airplanes. The spacecraft, which will land with two Raptor engines running in the opposite direction, will have security to land using one of these engines if necessary. Once the spacecraft has landed on the surface of the Mars, the passengers will set foot on the surface of the Mars.

Back to Earth

Starship can be reused. It is thought that some people might want to go back to Earth. So he should be able to take off from Mars and go back. The fuel needed for the return will be produced by using Methane and Oxygen, using plenty of carbon dioxide and ice found on the Red Planet. After returning to the Earth, the spacecraft will undergo a thorough examination, be prepared again and loaded on the rocket, and ready to take the second convoy to Mars.

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