Mysteries of the Human Brain

The human brain is constantly being examined. However, there are many questions that science has still not been able to answer. Yet there are those who have been understood among the mysteries of the human brain, and they are incredibly fascinating.

Although the human brain constitutes only 2% of the human body, it consumes approximately 20% of the total oxygen and 20% of the energy entering the body. If we could connect an electrode to the brain, it would be able to light a 60 watt light bulb. But this mysterious organ has changed the whole world.

Evren As long as the human brain remains a secret, the universe will continue to be a mystery. ”

– Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Our neurons can only be seen under a microscope. There are more than 100 billion neurons in our brains, but they cannot multiply. We owe the present state of our species to the human brain. The mysteries of the human brain, however, have yet to be revealed. Now let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Secrets of memory

When you learn something new, your brain changes. But scientists still don’t know exactly what these changes are or what consequences they have.

One of the greatest mysteries of the human brain is how different kinds of memories are activated. There is long-term memory and short-term memory. There is also non-descriptive memory responsible for actions such as swimming with descriptive memory, which is responsible for the full data.

Scientists think that there is a common element in all of these different types of memory, but at the molecular level they have not yet discovered it. They also don’t know how and why memories have been changed or deleted.

2. Emotions

Emotions are among the mysteries of the human brain. First of all, there is still no consensus on how to define emotions from a neurological perspective. They are known to be cerebral conditions and enable us to value facts and events. We also know that we make action plans by making use of them. However, the scientific community does not agree.

Emotions have a physical reference. Muscle tension, pulse, body temperature and so on. they bring changes. Changes occur in the brain in terms of neurotransmitters. However, the details of these processes are still unknown.

3. The mystery of intelligence

From a neurological point of view, intelligence has no common definition. Of course, there are ideas about evaluation and measurement. However, there is no single cerebral schema that serves as a definition of a person’s intellectual capacity.

Some studies suggest that intelligence is associated with working memory. In any case, such studies are not certain. What we know is that we use different areas of the brain and various thought mechanisms to conduct intellectual phenomena. However, intelligence is one of the greatest mysteries of the human brain.

4. Why do we sleep?

We have always associated the act of sleep with rest. However, in the last few decades we have discovered that the brain remains active in sleep. There are even moments when the brain is even more active during sleep.

At present, although some hypotheses are more widely accepted, we do not know why we are sleeping. Although it is possible to have some regenerative functions, this is certainly not the only reason. There are hypotheses that sleep helps in problem solving and information stabilization.

5. Consciousness

Consciousness is a philosophical, psychological and anthropological concept as well as neurological. Today, we know that contact with material things makes little changes to the brain.

However, one of the greatest enemies of the human brain is how different levels of consciousness are produced. The bilinç higher consciousness ”or the ability to objectively accept universal reality seems to be the result of a gigantic feedback system of cerebral circuits. But we know very little about this phenomenon.

6. Future and human brain

One of the most extraordinary powers of the human brain is its ability to simulate the future. That is to predict, predict, or reason. It is an incredible expression of our intelligence and potential.

But we don’t know exactly how the brain does it. We think it’s about creating models and contradicting them with our memories. However, the mechanisms remain a mystery.

7. Time phenomenon

The brain seems to have some problems in processing things that happen simultaneously. This occurs when two or more things are at different speeds. The brain tries to sense them as if they were synchronized. I mean, like it’s happening at the same speed. However, this has interesting consequences, such as dyslexia and falls in the elderly. Nien? We do not know.

Although we have taken great strides in the field of neurology, there are still many mysteries and questions about how the human brain works. The brain is a very complex organ, and if you think about it, we use it to understand how our brain works.

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