Mysterious relationship between heart and brain

For centuries, masters, sages and prophets have at least once called the heart of the heart.

In recent years, it has become increasingly well understood by science that our heart is not just an organ that pumps blood into our bodies.

There are many aspects of the heart that science did not realize before, but the so-called more primitive societies had already noticed, and that they knew.

For example, neurons were found in our hearts. For this reason, some people who have undergone heart transplants may develop habits that have not been previously, especially new eating habits that have not been previously.

A BRIDGE HAS BEEN FOUND BETWEEN THE HEART AND THE BRAIN. What this bridge does not know yet. It probably carries KNOWLEDGE.

It was found that our heart produces 100 times more powerful electric fields and 5000 times more powerful magnetic fields than our brain.

It’s such a powerful magnetic field that it can even be measured from satellites 22,000 miles away.

It was known that we humans were affected by the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field, but it was hardly known that the magnetic field emitted by our heart affected the earth’s magnetic field.

Earth’s magnetic fields and fluctuations in this field are measured regularly from satellites.

For example, on September 11, when the twin towers collapsed, there was an abnormal deviation in the magnetic fields of the world that scientists could not understand.

Later, it was understood from television that the image of the towers collapsed was due to the sorrow of the people watching from around the world.

Even a Heart Mathematics Institute was established to improve life based on the heart.

Maybe if you want to go online and look at it, let me write your name: IHM, Institute of Heart Math.

He’s headed by a scientist named Howard Martin. They are conducting various scientific researches about continuous heart intelligence and waves that spread from the heart to the universe.

In fact, my advice, don’t leave it, maybe you should visit this website.

The mission of this institute is to improve life based on the heart, to reduce the stress level of people and ensure that the relationship between heart and brain can remain in what they call COHERENCE.

In addition, they established a project or a system that observes the relationship between the earth magnetic field and the human heart and brain magnetic waves, which they call Global Coherence.

When 0.10 hertz coherence that harmony takes place.

And being able to come to this wavelength is only when you feel compassion, remedy, appreciation, forgiveness and gratitude for someone else.

Being in this situation helps to strengthen your immune system, if you have illnesses helps to heal, the level of stress hormones decreases.

You are also in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field.

They’ve even developed a tool to measure your coherence.

It’s called EM Wave. Now some scientists are wearing this device.

If you do not fit, the instrument also lights up red.

If the communication between the heart and brain is harmonious, that is, if you have feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love, the instrument is green.

Of course, when I see red, I just need to check up and wait for a minute.

And you are forcing yourself to feel more positive emotions, even if you force it.

Both your health and the earth’s magnetic field are positively affected by your green light.

After a while, you will be able to train yourself well and probably stay mostly green.

And putting your hand on your heart makes it easier to draw the attention of the mind to the heart and connect with the heart because of the pressure created by the hand.

There are other techniques on this site to teach you how to relieve stress and live your heart.

In short, we must now learn to move away from our analytical minds and live in more heart dimensions.

That’s what science says.

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