Pregnancy and Pilates

Pilates is a set of movements that provide concentration, tightening, balance, as well as relaxation and relaxation in the body by breathing properly through various flowing, balanced movements that women and men, pregnant or non-pregnant, can do. With the help of pilates during pregnancy, endorphin hormone, which is known as happiness hormone, is more secreted in the body and in this way, depression is minimized by psychological pressures that may occur in the human body. Due to the increase in the endorphin hormone, the mothers enter into labor by feeling more confident and feeling stronger and this has a direct effect on their postnatal psychology.

Pilates or regular exercises from the first months of pregnancy help the expectant mother to have a peaceful and happy pregnancy both physically and physically. Pilates during pregnancy is the greatest benefit to mothers; to increase body control, to ensure that the birth to protect. In addition, regular exercise during pregnancy or pilates affects the baby’s blood circulation positively.

Pregnant women who practice pil pregnant pilates olduğ seem to be more successful in balance. It is very important to keep the body balance under regular control, especially for women who will give birth normally. Pregnant mothers who regularly perform pilates are more advantageous than other women in pushing and breathing control during birth.

Pilates is also important in order to avoid physical pain in the mothers. The mother-to-be learns to stand in a more comfortable balance thanks to pilates. It is an important step in the pregnancy process that the expectant mother realizes body control and trusts.

Pilates prevents the baby from sliding down due to gravity during the pregnancy and exerting pressure on the pelvic region and ensures that the expectant mother has a comfortable pregnancy. This helps both the mother and the baby feel comfortable.

Hormones secreted during pilates have positive effects on the baby. The movements each pregnant woman can do during pilates are different. Normally, the movements to be considered while doing pilates are also valid during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you can do prone pilates movements instead of alternative movements. Because each body’s resistance to meeting pregnancy is different. In such cases, the instructor should be able to perform different movements that will coincide with the same movement with additional materials. During pregnancy, maternal happiness hormones such as serotonin and endorphin are secreted during pregnancy. The effect of these hormones positively affects the mother as well as the baby.


Pilates during pregnancy can be started between the 12th and 16th weeks of pregnancy, as long as your doctor allows it, you can safely continue until your birth on average 2 or 3 times a week and make your pregnancy happier and more comfortable.


Those at risk of preterm birth,
Those with vaginal bleeding,
Those with premature rupture of membranes,
It is recommended that pregnant women with medical problems such as hypertension should seek the advice of their doctor.

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