Reflux disease

In some people, the muscle between the esophagus and the valve is not completely closed. In this case, the high acid stomach content escapes from the stomach back into the esophagus. The passageway, which is normally closed between the esophagus and the stomach, opens only when food mixed with the saliva reaches it. Once the food has entered the stomach, this valve is closed, thereby preventing gastric contents from escaping.

Occasionally, as a result of excessive stretching of the stomach (which may be caused by eating too much), temporary loosening of this valve may occur. As a result, sometimes gas and some stomach contents may leak up. Elevated gastric fluid irritates the mucosal tissue of the esophagus, resulting in heartburn. If the stomach acid stays in the esophagus longer, it may cause burning and pain in the mucosal tissue.

Frequent infiltration of acidic fluid from the stomach into the esophagus decreases the quality of life in the form of persistent heartburn and belching, or if the esophagus is inflamed; reflux disease.

Causes of reflux

It is not clear why the sphincter muscle, which acts as a valve between the esophagus and the stomach, does not function properly and does not close completely.

In some people, reflux may be caused by hiatus hernia (gastric hernia), which is defined as a stomach out of the rib cage.

The negative effects of smoking and alcohol consumption on this valve, as well as overweight, or whether it causes reflux and heartburn are still under discussion.

Many people who complain of reflux say that stress triggers, or even increases, symptoms of the disease. Complaints such as bending forward or reaching out or consumption of certain types of food can also increase complaints.

Reflux symptoms and heartburn can also be caused by other problems with the esophagus. For example, the esophagus may not be able to direct upward gastric fluid back into the stomach quickly enough, or in such a case may exhibit a highly sensitive reaction. In addition, the use of certain drugs may also increase symptoms.

Disease Prevention and Daily Life

Reflux and heartburn can be quite painful. Problems caused by the disease can cause you not to enjoy what you eat and drink as well as sleep disorders. People with severe heartburn and reflux disease can reduce their complaints by changing their lifestyle habits.

Alcohol, cigarettes, acidic beverages, tea, coffee, soda and mint consumption can increase throat and larynx reflux. In addition, tension and stress are among the factors that adversely affect reflux.

Being at a healthy weight and sleeping at least two hours after dinner is very important to prevent reflux.

Can reflux be treated?

The most important is to comply with the above recommendations. In addition to weight control, not to sleep on a full stomach, not to fill the stomach completely, to eat healthy prepared foods, meal breaks at least five hours to protect us from reflux are the basic measures. If there is no improvement despite this, medication can be administered under doctor control. If the results are not obtained, surgical methods can be used.

What happens if left untreated?

Chronic vocal cord inflammation,
Chronic pharyngitis,
Nasal, sinus, bronchial and lung inflammation,
Laryngeal ulcers,
Throat cancer may develop.

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