Space Professions

A series of new jobs will emerge in the future space settlements. What are these Space Professions? Let’s examine it together.

Atmosphere Responsible

In this role, the lives of all other space inhabitants will be in the palm of your hand. In order to maintain a Earth-like atmosphere in space habitat, it is necessary to adjust oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature and ultraviolet light.

Asteroid Miner

It is extremely dangerous for miners to go on a space march and use the products by hand. Instead, there will be someone who remotely manages and manages the machines in the safe environment of space habitat. More than $ 13.4 billion has been invested so far in private space companies planning to do asteroid mining in the future.

Extraterrestrial Field Engineer

Gathering enough resources will be one of the most important things for a space mission and these resources will be obtained from asteroids. Field engineers will evaluate the rocks in space and decide which ones are suitable for mining.

Communication and Navigation Specialist

A space habitat is not enough for everyone, so multiple ships need to be able to communicate. These experts will both send and receive signals and ensure that the ship remains in the correct orbit.

Propulsion Engineer

No matter which engine is used to move our habitats in the future, someone will probably need to keep an eye on and refuel. Propulsion engineers will be responsible for these processes, preventing engines from overheating or leaking radiation.

Habitat Construction and Maintenance

Since it is much easier to combine huge structures in zero gravity, a construction team can decide to do them in space. This team will also eliminate the damage caused by spills in space.

Exercise Physiologist

A physiologist will measure whether the central gravitational force caused by the rotating space station can mimic Earth’s gravity adequately and propose weight exercises to those who need to develop their muscles.

Space Explorer

When discovering the unknown, it may be necessary to send human scouts to certain objects. For this, small ships connected to the main habitat and a dedicated space adventurer team will be used for this work.

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