The Secret of Lemon

In many professional restaurants, lemon is used in its entirety;

Koyun Place a washed lemon in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. When the lemon is frozen, take it out, grate it all (with the peel) and sprinkle it over your food (salads, ice-creams, soups, cereals, pastas, pasta sauces, rice, sushi, fish dishes, whiskey).

What is the biggest benefit of using lemon whole?

Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the lemon itself. Therefore, the place should be no longer garbage, but the inside of our plate or glass.

Lemon peel contributes to health by helping to remove toxic substances from the body.

Key: Flavonoid in citrus fruits

Flavonoid is found mainly in the shell and the inner white membrane. Flavonoids are a group of secondary plants that are said to have antioxidant and therefore anti-cancer effects. After their discovery in the 30s, they were also called Vitamin P. It is precisely these flavonoids that have cancer-preventing effects. Because it is said that they can effectively penetrate into the cancer phenomenon.

The most amazing benefits of lemon: Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product

10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Lemon juice can have cancer-preventing advantages.

The effect of lemon on cysts and tumors:

Lemon is a food that can be effective against various types of cancer. There are even those who say it is effective against all types of cancer.
Lemon is considered to be an antimicrobial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi, and may be effective against internal parasites and intestinal worms.
Lemon can regulate high blood pressure.
Lemon is an antidepressant and can fight stress and nervous disorders.

Types of Lemon

Lemon tree, lemon, citrus and lime varieties are known as. You can enjoy this fruit in different ways: You can eat the meat part directly, squeeze the juice, prepare drinks and sherbets, use them in cakes and so on.


Lemon species have been known around the Mediterranean for more than 1000 years. There are recipes that show that it is a nutrient used in kitchens since the Middle Ages. The lemon tree contains both fruit and flowers at the same time. The main lemon producers in Europe are Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Storage Conditions

Lemons can be stored at room temperature for weeks without any problem and in the refrigerator when it is desired to be stored for a longer period. The sliced ​​ones can also be stored in the refrigerator.

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