Useful Information about Pilates

Benefits of Pilates: The most important benefit of Pilates is that it increases body resistance. Pilates is an ideal activity for those who want to have a tight body, “posture bilinen also known as posture by supporting the body posture can significantly eliminate the deformities. It also helps to correct circulatory system disorders resulting from inactivity. Pilates’s exercises in accordance with the natural form of the human body provide relaxation in the circulatory system and relax the person physically and mentally.

With Pilates, the body forms faster than similar sports. Therefore, some of the athletes working in different sports do pilates in order not to lose their body flexibility. Pilates muscles, especially abdominal muscles are strengthened rapidly.

Difference Between Matwork and Reformer Pilates

The most significant difference between Matwork and Reformer Pilates: In exercises with the Reformer, the muscles work more effectively because the person’s own body weight is supported by springs of different weight.

An important difference between the Reformer and Matwork sessions is that the Reformer exercises are usually implemented as private lessons. Unlike Matwork exercises in the form of group lessons, exercise in crowded groups with the Reformer is not recommended at least in the first place. As the level progresses and the person reaches the “advance” level, the Reformer can also train in groups. Because in Matwork classes, exercise is performed on a flat surface, lying on the cushion or sitting. However, a person exercising on the Reformer will be on a moving platform. Because the bands that pass through their feet are sometimes moved by handles which are sometimes passed to their arms, there is a high risk of damage if the tool is moved in an uncontrolled manner. This poses a risk for people who have just started pilates.

The Matwork equipment used in the Matwork classes allows the simulations of movements on the Reformer tool to be performed with variations adapted to the mat. These; equipment such as large and small exercise balls (Swiss Ball), tires, pilates rings. The swiss ball exercises that balance all muscles at maximum level are among the most common exercise equipment used in Matwork groups.

During the Matwork group exercises, the instructor explains how to perform the exercises with specific animations or various methods. The aim is to operate certain muscle groups in the most accurate way at full capacity and to create resistance. However, the Reformer tool spring system, thanks to the design and use of the already feeling of weight and feeling of resistance. It can be said that this is the most important difference between the two courses.

The reformer is so beautifully designed that one can exercise with his or her own body weight, but can exercise his muscles without straining his joints!

Deciding which type of exercise to choose depends on the co-operation with the instructor. The common point of both Matwork and Reformer courses is concentration, focus, correct breathing, stable course follow-up, being determined and disciplined.

As a result, both are very useful, effective and potent when properly applied.

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