What if there was no sun?

What if there was no sun? Could humanity survive? From the moment the sun disappears, this is what happens!

Darkness (8 Minutes)

People on Earth will realize the Sun is gone in eight minutes. At the end of this time, the sun’s rays that illuminate the Earth will disappear and the entire Earth will be sunk into the night.

No Shooting (8 Minutes)

Think of the world as a ball spinning around a stationary pole tied with a rope. The earth and other planets begin to move in a straight line in space, just like the rope breaks, since the mast has disappeared.

Where is the moon? (8 Minutes)

Since there is no sunlight to reflect, we can no longer see our moon, the Moon. The same applies to other objects in the Solar System. We can only see distant stars.

Freezing Cold (1 Week)

We no longer have a Sun to warm us. Earth’s temperature drops to -18 degrees in a week. The world continues to cool and most of the living things die.

Vegetation Disappears (Several Weeks)

Sunlight is essential for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis produces oxygen that we use while breathing. The oxygen that is now on Earth can handle us for several thousand years, but it is impossible for plants to survive in these dark conditions.

Survivors (A Few Weeks)

All these problems make it difficult for animals to survive. The food chain is changing. Weak animals are dying, the strong and the looters can survive for a while.

People’s Escape Plan (1 Month)

To survive under these conditions, humanity must build and live in shelters at depths close to the Earth’s core. Another alternative is to settle on another planet that supports life.

Oceans Freezing (2 Months)

The oceans continue to freeze. The temperature is now stable at -240 degrees. Ironically, the water in the lower layers of the oceans can remain in liquid form for thousands of years, as the upper layer of ice will provide insulation.

Large Trees Are Standing (Tens of Years)

Since there was no sun, almost all of the small plants disappeared. But large trees can survive for decades without the need for photosynthesis. This is because their metabolism is slow and they store plenty of sugar.

Atmosphere Crumbles (1000 Years)

Suddenly our ice-cold atmosphere freezes and collapses on the Earth’s surface. The Earth is vulnerable to all rays, radiation and meteors from space.

Finding a Star (Millions of Years)

At the end of the world, it can enter a star’s orbit and start to spin steadily. The ocean and atmosphere heats up and dissolves again and can regain life-supporting features.

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